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DiSC Certification

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Everything DiSC® is the World’s Leading Behavioural Tool, used by tens of thousands of Learning and Development professionals worldwide, to improve Productivity, Teamwork & Communication within their organisation.

The Train the Trainer process supports trainers and facilitators to apply Everything DiSC® content to personal, leadership development, team-working, relationships, sales and “influencing by building trust”  training.

You as a facilitator will get an immersion into the world of Everything DiSC®, experiential learning as a participant and business-applied learning with the latest DiSC® research and an in-depth knowledge of DiSC® and the Everything DiSC® applications.

DISC is used in leadership development, managing people’s performance, team development, communications & relationships, conflict resolution, engagement & change.

Here is what you get when you invest in Trainer certification:

  • Confidence in understanding and facilitating with Everything DiSC® Workplace, the fundamental DiSC® report.
  • Experience customising the range of Everything DiSC® Profiles, with workshop handouts, PowerPoint and video.
  • A facilitator’s deep dive into working with the Everything DiSC® Profile reports in the classroom in your short or longer workshops.
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of DiSC® theory, to help you understand how to interpret and give feedback, using the Everything DiSC® circular model. The training is experiential & practically applied to your businesses challenges.
  • Confidence in tailoring & bridging the materials, presenting it alongside other materials you use in your training.
  • Better skills in customising the materials in a trainer’s Facilitation Kit, to meet a variety of organisational needs.
  • Tools and skills to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of Everything DiSC® through presentations and hands-on learning.

This learning process will also enable you to choose the most appropriate  DiSC® reports to meet your needs and to get solution-driven outcomes. You will also get an understanding of additional 1-1 ‘person to person’ comparison reports (how we both need to flex). Additionally supplemental DiSC® reports help employees develop better communication and build stronger relationships with their colleagues, their managers and direct reports by using additional style information and behavioural data. This helps with learning beyond their own natural styles and behaviours.

We also help you understand DiSC® in teams, looking at the (behavioural) culture, team dynamics, trust & productive conflict geared to team results.



Why Certification

Wiley & ourselves as an Authorised Wiley Partner, help in-house trainers to become both confident and/or DiSC® accredited, before they gain access to assigning profiles access. This helps ensure consistent quality and correct application of the related concepts across the International Network.

DiSC® Trainer Certification helps you understand and demonstrate your commitment & understanding. Your acquired knowledge, helps you master these impactful user friendly tools in your business.

Whether the issue is talent retention, engagement, motivation, leadership, management, teams, communications, trust, conflict, relationships, influencing or sales, there is a solution within Everything DiSC®. Using high impact DiSC® reports allows you to facilitate (as a trainer) attitude and behavioural changes and new insights with individuals and in building cohesive teams.

By understanding the DiSC® behavioural model – the history of its development (validity/ reliability/ profiles administration process) and how to interpret the results of the user friendly profiles & personalised reports, you will learn how to help others increase their emotional intelligence and behavioural adaptability, so that they respond quickly and effectively to changing situations.

We exclusively use Wiley DiSC® profiles in certification and training. These profiles are the most validated and reliable DiSC® products on the market. Wiley is leading research and development in behavioural sciences in the workplace and has published validation reports for its profiles.

How do I get Trained/Accredited/Certified?

Get certified logoDiSC® Trainer Certification is available either on a two day intensive programme where you will learn to train others on DiSC®. Contact us for more details.

Accreditation is also available now through online format over a series of weeks, for in-house trainers. Enquire for more information on this approach, which we help you understand and realise the commitment in an online approach also.

During all training, certification/accreditation, your will have the opportunity to explore following topics:

  • Background:    Introduction to DiSC® history, theory for Everything DiSC® profiles.
  • Validity:           The research behind the tools and validation reports.
  • Application:     Using facilitation materials, deep application for your and other’s behavioural DiSC® patterns.
  • Resources:      the broad range of tools, various DiSC® Facilitation Kits and the branded profiles platform

We also use and make available, blended learning tools, such as DVD video, PowerPoint overheads, participant handouts, cases, exercises and workshop outlines will help you better facilitate specific outcomes using the range of DiSC-based tools and insights in your own training.

Video Overview


What Now?

Get in touch at 353-1-2402255 to find out more about the process, schedule a Wednesday chat here, join our 45 minute Virtual Webinar about the certification. Also, you can view our short video introduction or download our pdf.

Once accredited/certified, we support you directly as your Wiley Authorised Partner for you to gain access to the world of DiSC® reports, via the online profile management platform EPIC and the right to train others using DiSC® tools. You can purchase one of the following Everything DiSC® Facilitation Kits:

What is my Benefit

After going through DiSC® accreditation/certification training, you can apply its content to personal, leadership development, team-working, relationship, sales and negotiation training with confidence, because you’ve gained:

  1. Professionalism, by using a profile and facilitation system matching corporate standards.
  2. Credibility, using a profile that is validated and constantly updated.
  3. High quality relationships with customers, and longer term business.

Practically, your new skills will help you to:

  • Become proficient in DiSC® application, administration and reporting in your workplace;
  • Be able to present the DiSC® theory and use the DiSC® facilitation kit;
  • Understand validity, reliability and norms for DiSC® Circumplex profiles;
  • Develop your people-reading skills to  transfer these to learners;
  • Plan and run training using the DiSC® kit components.

The bottom line for you as a DiSC® facilitator is:

  • You have access to our bestselling DiSC® assessments, tested for validity and reliability and used by over 45 million people.
  • An online assessment-delivery system with efficient features for customer management is on your screen.
  • Ourselves, Performance Partners as your partner, who is committed to support your learning & business application.

Download pdf

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