What is DiSC?2018-08-06T10:03:39+00:00

Participants on workshops love DiSC®, because it’s simple, but it’s not simplistic. Here’s why:

It is designed to help an individual understand his or her behaviour in the workplace, while understanding the behaviours of others. Applying this knowledge in different work scenarios and situations, flexing and redirecting behaviours is core to the learning. Professional facilitation brings this alive, making a difference in resolving some of the more challenging issues within teams and within businesses. DiSC describes four primary dimensions of behaviour.


What happens when you take a DiSC assesment?

When you receive a DiSC profile test you answer a simple questionnaire about your own behavior. You’ll see a rating scale — I strongly agree, agree, am neutral, etc. Everything DiSC profiling uses adaptive testing technology to provide the highest levels of accuracy, validity and reliability. What this means is that respondents who answer inconsistently on any of the 8 scales will be asked additional questions to ensure an accurate result.


The Research & Validation

Now used by thousands or organisations worldwide, a full research report is also available to further explain the research behind this system and also the adaptive testing advanced technology.