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September (19/20) Clayton Hotel, Liffey Valley ¦ €95 per person, early booking is advisable.

Building skills and learning capability, using experiential learning methods and practical, engaging training tools.

Performance Partners are delighted to welcome Ann Alder of RSVP Design to Ireland for this exclusive event for Irish corporate in-house trainers and independent trainers.

RSVP Design Ltd. specialists in designing innovative experiential learning tools, visit Dublin to introduce you to new experiential learning activities and techniques. The workshop is specially tailored to meet the needs of the group: one for corporate learning and development specialists (19/9/18) and one for independent trainers (20/9/19).

The workshops from 10 AM – 4 PM, will be an opportunity to experience a variety of practical, engaging resources and to consider the impact of current research on learning design and training delivery. Led by Ann Alder and hosted by Performance Partners.

About RSVP Design Ltd

“We specialists in designing, creating and delivering learning activities and events that use experiential learning methods and techniques. Our expertise has enabled us to create a wide variety of practical resources for personal, team, management and leadership development and these tools are now known and respected in organisations all round the world.

Our learning design is built upon sound research and current best practice and stems from a deep understanding of how people learn. Our activities are intended not just to raise awareness of learning themes and topics but also to provide safe ‘rehearsal grounds’ to experiment with new behaviours and develop new attitudes and ways of thinking. In the process of working with these activities we are also developing the learning skills of participants, enabling them to become more confident and independent learners.

Our learning resources are used internationally in corporate learning departments, universities, business schools and colleges, government and public sector departments, small businesses and the charitable sector. As the initials of our name implies, the tools are Relevant, Practical, Versatile and Simple to administer and are intended to be integrated into your existing programmes and events – with as much or as little support as you need from RSVP Design experts!”

Workshop Sessions

  • During our one-day workshops we will:
  • Remind you of the principles of effective learning design and relate these to new insights emerging from neuroscience and the growing understanding of ‘learning to learn’
  • Give you practical experience of a variety of different types of activity that are used to achieve a wide range of learning objectives, with case study examples of how they have been used in client organisations
  • Explore creative ways of reviewing and de-briefing activities to ensure that the most important and relevant learning is drawn from the experience
  • Offer advice about choosing and using specific tools to meet your current L&D challenges
  • Help you to understand how to sequence activities so that there is skills transfer from one activity to another, increasing the ‘stickiness’ of the learning and improving the chances that the insights and practice from the training will transfer into real behavioural change in the future

The Dublin Sessions

The Dublin sessions will be hosted/introduced briefly by Peter O’Connor from Performance Partners Ltd and will run from 10.00 AM – 16.00 PM.

To cover costs and guarantee attendance, there will be a per person fee of €95 per person, which includes lunch and free experiential learning activities to take away and use. Other materials will be on display from RSVP.

More about Ann Alder of RSVP Design

Ann is an internationally recognised specialist in (softskills & leadership) trainer training for many years. She has developed the training and facilitation skills of L&D professionals, teachers and operational managers. She & is one of the founders and owners of RSVP Design, a global provider of trainer methods, tools and materials.

She has a wealth of experience in leadership, management and team development training, as well as executive coaching and group facilitation. She also enjoys working with multi-cultural groups, and her recent projects have involved extensive travel, much of it to work with our partners and build the skills of trainers. Her sessions are always lively and interesting.

Ann is responsible for the content of RSVP facilitation support materials and the creation of new experiential learning products and programmes.


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